Terms & Conditions of Rental Agreement

The Rental Agreement (Agreement) is entered into between Gofun Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd and the person whose name and particulars are as set forth in the Customer Information segment of the Agreement (Customer).
The Customer is desirous of hiring the vehicle, the particular of which are as set forth in the “Vehicle Information” segment of the Agreement (Rental Vehicle) from Gofun Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd and has agreed to let the Rental Vehicle to the Hirer, subject to the terms and conditions as follows:
The present Terms and Conditions establish the rights and obligations of the Customer during use of the Vehicle. The Customer is aware that the right of use of the Vehicle belongs to the Car Hire Company, and that the Customer does not have powers for transfer of the rights and obligations accepted by him or her by conclusion of the Agreement to third persons (among other, for transfer of the right to the Vehicle). Rent or transfer of the Vehicle to third persons is permitted only on the basis of a prior written agreement with the Car Hire Company. The Car Hire Company allows the Customer to use the Vehicle in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions.

Conditions of Use of the Vehicle